The murals of El Niño

In Granada, Spain, El Niño is famous for his intricate murals splashed all over the city. El Niño puts a spin on graffiti and shows that it can be an art form. Raúl Ruiz, or better known as El Niño, was born in Madrid, but lives and works in Granada, Spain.

His style is distinct. It often combines portraits with poetic phrases. Sometimes the content is political, or reflects a social justice movement.


You can find El Niño’s work in the most unexpected places. Some can be found in the Albaicín, outside of restaurants, in alleyways, or near the University of Granada. I was able to capture some images of his work while wandering the streets of Granada.


El Niño’s murals can also be found on the streets of Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the US, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, France, and Holland.

Some of El Niño’s murals can be found near the University of Granada’s language center.



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