West Chester, PA: Daytime versus nighttime

During the day, West Chester, Pennsylvania is a tame place with a walk-able downtown. By night, the college crowd and young professionals come out to play. Both West Chesters are fun to explore.

In the daylight, West Chester is teeming with patrons shopping and eating outside. There are great costume shops and antique places to check out.

My favorite store is actually a few minutes outside of West Chester. Baldwin’s Book Barn is a converted barn full of used books and cats. There are several levels of the book barn that houses every genre of book imaginable. The cats charm customers too.


At night, the city transforms to accommodate a younger crowd, no matter the night. Two of my favorite bars had to be Mas Mexicali Cantina and Barnabys.

Barnabys is always crowded, but its a stop that needs to be on your list. There are multiple levels to this bar to keep everyone entertained. We stuck to the outdoor seating, where cute string lights were draped. The alcoholic slushies aren’t too great. Save your money and go for something more classic from the bar.


Mas Mexicali Cantina is my favorite bar in West Chester (that I have encountered so far). Like Barnabys, it has multiple levels. There is a level just meant for socializing and another for just dancing. If you want a closer, more intimate setting, I would suggest the roof. The rooftop bar has a great view of the small city. Plus, the margaritas are tasty.







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