A nighttime boat tour of Pittsburgh, PA

My favorite part of my most recent visit to Pittsburgh was the nighttime boat tour we took. Pittsburgh sparkles at night. The boat traversed the three rivers that split apart the city: The Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio.

Our boat ride included a guided tour. The one we chose was a “strange facts of Pittsburgh” tour. We learned of the movies filmed in and around Pittsburgh. Also, we picked up some Pittsburgh vocabulary. Yinz would love it.


Although it was great to receive a lot of information about the city I was visiting, I wished to relax more and take in the views. The breeze off the rivers was refreshing, especially for a girl who normally gets seasick. I watched the sunset in awe as we passed under several of the bridges the city is known for.


There are longer tours available at the dock, but ours was only an hour. There are drinks and food available at the boat’s bar. There are also dinnertime tours offered, with minimal speaking of the tour guide.


I enjoyed my ride on the boat, but the next time I would much rather a longer tour with less talking.




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