Mekong Delta: island hopping in Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is a series of several islands with the Mekong river carving through. Many animal and plants species call the Mekong Delta their home.


The lush and fertile islands hold an abundance of fruits. Throughout the islands, you can find pineapples, durian, dragon fruit, and coconuts. At our first stop on the Mekong River Delta tour, we enjoyed fresh fruits, tea, and traditional Vietnamese music.


The next stop was “coconut island” where coconut candies are made on this island. The coconuts are harvested and then turned into a caramel-like candy. Tourists get to step inside the factory and observe the process. I opted for some coconut water instead.


My favorite island was the one where they made chocolate. The cocoa is harvested and then made into all different types of chocolate. Tourists can taste the 15 different types of chocolate available ranging from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cinnamon, salt, and ginger.


The islands in the Mekong River Delta are inhabited with very biological diverse animals. We were shown large snakes. I held a large snake when I was about ten-years-old so the thrill of doing it at my age escaped me.


Honey is another product that is produced on the island due to some friendly honey bees. Our tour group was able to try some honey in some tea and also enjoy some honey combs snacks. I couldn’t say I was too keen on the honey comb, but I did enjoy the fresh honey.


The best part of the Mekong Delta visit was saved for last. Because the last island we were on was much smaller, our tender could not make it to pick us up. Instead, we rode in canoe steered by an older Vietnamese woman. I was amazed at her strength. One of the palm trees fell down in the middle of the river. We prepared ourselves to duck under it like the last boat had to do. Our feisty driver swiftly ran to the front of the boat and skillful chopped down the palm with a machete. Now that’s a boss ass bitch.



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