Relationships and travel

I have traveled with friends, alone, with a group or strangers, and with a group of classmates. During these times, I have been completely single, had a potential boyfriend back at home, and had a “thing” with someone in the tour group. I have fallen in “love” in Paris. I have walked the streets of Istanbul a free woman. I have danced with a stranger in Portuguese nightclub. Due to personal nature of those situations, I will not share those stories. Instead, I will share the advice I have learned from those situations.


No matter what kind of relationship you have, traveling puts it to the test. Everyone has heard the phrase: you don’t know someone until you live with them. You also don’t know someone until you travel with them or without them.

Traveling with friends can be fun or stressful. Taking a trip with a friend can seem like the best idea, until you are in the midst of it. Most of the time, styles of trips could be broken down into three categories: historic travel, adventurous travel, and relaxing travel. Maybe she doesn’t want to do the same things as you. If you and you friend disagree on the degree of sightseeing versus relaxing on the trip; it could ruin the vacation and possibly the friendship.

Another aspect of traveling that could create a problem is determining whether or not to enjoy the nightlife of a new place. Some people do not like to drink or party and others do. If friends disagree on this, it could be difficult to find a compromise.

Many personality traits can come out due to traveling. In times of possible crisis and stress, people react differently. Sometimes, passive personalities reveal their real selves in stressful situations. If friends are not on the same page of how to act, there could be a possible strain on the relationship when returning home.


People’s true colors also come out when they’re separated from their significant other. Temporary long distant relationships occur when a significant other travels without their partner. This can make or break a relationship. Some people are not meant to be in long distance relationships. Other couples make it the other side. It is all about a mutual trust you share. If you don’t have that trust or don’t know each other on a deeper level, your relationship back at home won’t be worth salvaging.

Having a “fling” abroad and potentially continuing it once everyone’s back home can be possible. Alike having a long distance relationship while abroad, both parties have to be serious. The tough questions and communication has to be hashed out before you leave. It may “ruin” the last days you have together, but you need to know. Being on the same page about the seriousness of the relationship is essential. A lot of people only want that untouchable memory of falling in love abroad, and run from the reality of a real relationship.



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