Two of my favorites: Old City and Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

On Tuesday, I took a day trip to Philadelphia, PA. While there, my friend took me to two places I had yet to explore in Philly. These two places ended up being some of my favorite spots in all of Philadelphia.


Penn’s Landing

The perfect summer spot in Philly is Penn’s Landing. Filled with food carts and pop ups, there is something for everyone. There are hammocks, large chess games, swings, paddle boats,  and big lego sets to keep the kid in you entertained.


There are food trucks that sell alcohol so you can chill while looking at the view of the Delaware River and Camden.


While in Penn’s Landing, my friend and I wandered on a stationary boat permanently docked called the Moshulu. There is a fine dining restaurant in the bottom of the ship, but at the top of the ship is a deck, lounge, and bar. We enjoyed our view and it was a unique bar experience.


Old City

Old City is filled with cobblestone streets, historic landmarks, and cute shops and cafes.


There are a number of free attractions you can get into that boast historical importance. One you did have to pay for was the Betsy Ross house where Betsey Ross rented a room. She lived there and also made the first US flag there. Tickets are $8 with student ID.



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