Photo diary through New York City part 2

Having been to New York City a handful of times, I attempted to see sites that were past the Manhattan tourist trap area.



SoHo is filled with cute residences, high end boutiques and plenty of brunch places. It is the perfect place to be in the summer. I visited my friend from Chicago for two days last year as she completed a summer internship. She lived in a SoHo apartment.

Brunch place with bottomless mimosas.
The mid-laugh, blurry joy of a taste of summer in the city

Drinking wine on her rooftop and fire escape and getting bottomless mimosas (and sangria) at brunch was the perfect summer escape.


Washington Square Park

I prefer Washington Square Park over Central Park. There is definitely a lot less area, but there is so much going on in Washington Square park. At night in the summer, it is beautiful.


Flatiron building

The triangular shape of this skyscraper sets it apart from the many other skyscrapers in the New York City skyline. Once my cousin and I accidentally happened upon this landmark, I kept on saying “flatiron” and she continue to ignore me. There wasn’t much to do except marvel at it. I stood by the building for a while, hoping to be accosted by Billy Eichner and end up on an episode of Billy on the Streets. Unfortunately, my dream has yet to come true.


Brooklyn Bridge

I didn’t capture the best picture of the Brooklyn Bridge because I accidentally happened upon it. While my friend that I was visiting had an appointment, I walked in one direction from SoHo to Brooklyn. I kept on seeing signs for the Brooklyn Bridge, but I didn’t imagine I would reach it.



The MET or Metropolitan Museum of Art is a great, well-rounded museum to visit on a rainy day. There are plenty of sculptures to see. Some rooms are dedicated to a specific culture and are decorated as so. The MET also includes Georgia O’Keeffe’s Cow’s Skull: Red, White, and Blue. 



I enjoyed the MoMA  or the Museum of Modern Art, more than the MET. I believe this is because the MoMA features art from artists I am more familiar with who have been woven into the pop culture of the US. The exhibits include work from Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.



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