Visiting Pittsburgh, PA through Trip Advisor suggestions

Two years ago, I took a trip to Pittsburgh. It was my first time in Pittsburgh and I only had two days to make the most of it. In order to see all I could, I took suggestions from TripAdvisor on the top ten things to do in Pittsburgh.


Cathedral of Learning

The University of Pittsburgh boosts one of the coolest university libraries around. Inside the Cathedral of Learning is beautiful architecture that will make you feel as if you are at Hogwarts. With high ceilings, elegant finishes, and a unique cathedral style it’s a wonder how students get any work done in this marvel. The views of the city from the higher floors are magnificent.


The Nationality Rooms are rooms that are furnished and staged in the style of an individual country. Some of the furnishing are donated by the countries themselves.


Heinz Memorial Chapel

Right across the quad of the Cathedral of Learning is the Heinz Memorial Chapel. It was built in 1938.


This chapel was given to the University of Pittsburgh by the Heinz family. Classes, lectures, weddings, and church services have been held there.


Monongahela Incline

To have a truly great and panoramic view of the city skyline, you must go up the Monongahela incline. Tickets are $5 round trip for adults.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History

For those who love museums, a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. The exhibits are fun and interesting. A lot of time could spent in the museum. The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Buying one ticket at around $20 will give you access to the art museum too.


Carnegie Museum of Art

The Carnegie Museum of Art houses Monet’s “Water Lilies”. The painting is much larger than expected. There was an impressive collection of art within the walls of the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Phipps Conservatory

The Phipps Conservatory is a botanical garden located in Pittsburgh. By the time I reached the botanical garden, it was too late to go in. Tickets for adults are $17.95.


Station Square

Station Square is a strip mall with stores and restaurants located on the Monongahela river. There are three rivers that run through the city the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. At night time, there is a colored fountain display at Station Square.


Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum

This museum was near our hotel.  The museum is open Monday through Saturday
from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Although I was not able to visit this museum, I’m sure it would have been an eye-opening tour. This museum is the biggest memorial in the US for all the branches of the military veterans.


My virtual tour guide in TripAdvisor was helpful. I saw sites that I wouldn’t have seen if not suggested by TripAdvisor. Some of the sites weren’t worth mentioning. All in all, I enjoyed my stay in Pittsburgh. It is a great and clean city that I would love to visit again.


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