A photo diary through the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Taking the Septa regional rail from Lansdale to Jefferson Station, I arrived to see Reading Terminal Market bustle with the lunch rush. I put on my most intimidating game face and slithered through the crowds and long lines. I treated myself to a breakfast crepe and continued on with my journey.


My transportation of choice that day was the bus, being that it was the most direct route to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum has a statue of Rocky out front that is always mobbed with crowds wanting to take selfies. In the movie, the protagonist runs up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I haven’t seen the movie, so I wasn’t keen on waiting in line to take a picture with the statue.


In order to see the displays in the museum, adults pay $20 and senior citizens and students get a discounted price. Children are free. If you just wanted to see inside the museum and none of the exhibits, you can talk to security.


On the first floor, work from American artists are displayed, including a few Picasso prints. The twenty dollars I spent was worth it for the second floor. The second floor included art from everywhere else in the world. Plus, many of the rooms are decorated to represent the countries the art is from.

Some of my favorites were the Indian room, the Japanese room, the Persian room, and the Roman room. It was reminiscent of how the Tower of Learning at University of Pittsburgh has whole rooms devoted to one country.


I spent the day alone in the museum in which I could move at my own pace and see what I wanted to see. I enjoyed my time alone. I believe that more people should go to museums alone. It allows for reflection. After that, I met up with a friend who lives in Philly. We ate Vietnamese in Chinatown and went for a stroll at night.


During our stroll, we happened upon Ben Franklin’s resting place, where tourists put pennies on his grave. My day trip ended with a return to Jefferson station and a greater appreciation of art.




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