Going to South Korea via skincare

I love face masks and spend a lot of “treat yo’self” money on skin care. South Korea is known for having some of the best skincare products in the world. I ordered some face masks on Ulta.com. Some can be found in stores also.

On the week of my period, I decided to try three different face masks. I started off with this Tony Moly Strawberry 3 Step Nose Pack. The first strip in the pack was to prep your nose. The scent of all the strips were so sweet and strawberry. Next was the strip to pull out blackheads and sebum build-up. I exfoliate daily so often times nose strips don’t have dramatic results on my face. This one picked up more sebum than other strips I have tried. The last strip was one filled with product to close up pores and soothe. All in all, I loved the packaging, scent, and results.

unnamed (6)

The next Tony Moly product I tried out was my favorite: the Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask. This sheet mask contains excretions from snails. I had some fresh acne marks previous to wearing the mask that hadn’t completely healed yet and were still very red. After wearing the mask, my scars were lighter and looked more healed. The mask was kind of goopy, but it didn’t smell bad as I anticipated a snail mask would.

unnamed (7)

The last one I tried was a another sheet mask from the Tony Moly I’m Real line. This one had seaweed in it meant to be skin purifying. It didn’t smell of seaweed. I enjoyed the mask but I didn’t see dramatic results. Sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself.

unnamed (5)


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