Must-try bars in Lancaster, PA

As stated previously, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a young blossoming city with plenty of amazing eateries. The young crowd often appreciates bars and there are plenty of those in Lancaster. Here are a few you should check out if you are in the area.

  • Annie Baileys 

Annie Baileys is the perfect spot for spring or summer outings. It has three bars including one outside. The food is great too. It is one of the three bars on the beginning of East King Street.

Forgive me for the poor quality shots, seeing as I have taken many these while inebriated.
  • 551 West

This dive bar is a surprisingly fun spot filled with a mix of different age groups. Monday nights are their karaoke nights and the loyal patrons always make this fun. The laid back atmosphere will also make you feel willing to get up and share a song. The food is great, but more pricier than typical bar food. I suggest trying one of their many wing flavors and sampling the fried pickles. Their fried macaroni also can’t be missed because it is a large creamy and crunchy slice of macaroni.

Our group always met for Monday karaoke nights.
  • Altana 

Laid back bars are fun, but when you want to dance, a dive bar won’t cut it. Altana has a chic New York City club vibe. It provides a large dance floor, plus a rooftop bar with a view of the city. There is typically never a cover charge, but you may have to check your coat. Drinks tend to be pricey. It is among the other bars in a line on East King Street.


  • Marion Court

Marion Court caters to an older crowd, but the setup of the bar is nice. This bar is walking distance of Altana, Annie Bailey’s, and Tellus 360. It is a mainly outside venu, but there is a nice patio with a great view.



  • Tellus 360

Among the three bars in a row on East King Street, Tellus 360 is probably the most diverse bar. There are three different levels in this bar. On the first level, there is a stage with live music typically playing. The room behind it has a DJ and a large dance floor. The second level is laid back seating and pool tables. The roof is chill and sometimes has movies playing. Depending on the night, the cover charge can be pricey.


  • Taproom

If you are older and looking for a more professional atmosphere, check out the Taproom. The Taproom often has live music. Drinks are pricey.

  • Federal Taphouse

Sometimes you just want a mild night with no hangover the next day. The Federal Taphouse is a small setting with only beer on tap. Try some crazy beer flavors. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  • Tally Ho

The Tally Ho is a gay bar that provides a friendly atmosphere. It is a smaller bar, but some nights they have drags shows and karaoke contests.


  • Rocky Springs Bowling Alley

This one is slightly outside of Lancaster City. This bowling alley has a bar inside. I think everyone has had the thought: bowling is boring, I wish I had a drink in my hand. Now you can make that a reality.

  • The Village

The Village, despite its iffy reputation is one of my favorite bars. I have never gone to it on the weekends because they are known for their college nights. College nights are Wednesdays in which they serve $1 shots (really small ones), certain $2 bottles, and a few $5 mixed drinks until midnight. Nobody manages to make it to the dancefloor until midnight. They also have pool and foosball tables so you can bond with some jocks. At midnight, they order pizza and you can pay $1 for a slice. I enjoy this bar so much because literally anything can happen and anything has happened. I have so many great college stories from that bar in an alley.

  • Never go into Yorgos 

Everyone is always getting stabbed outside/inside of Yorgos. Just don’t.


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