Miami, an international city

Escaping the cold grips of a Pennsylvania winter, a friend and I booked a trip to Miami, Florida. We arrived around 7 pm when the sun started setting. Once we arrived at the hotel, we set our stuff down to walk around for a bit. I was ecstatic that I was someplace warm that I didn’t care we were walking with no destination.

The next day we took a day trip via bus to Key West. The third day of vacation is when we were really able to discover Miami. We went for brunch and spent the rest of the day on the beach. I recieved a terrible sunburn because I spent most of my time floating in the beautiful, calm waters. It blows any Jersey shore weekend escape out of the water.

I heard many different languages being spoken especially Spanish. Miami has a large Cuban population. My Spanish language skills came in handy many times during the trip. I communicated with Uber drivers and hotel staff. As my friend and I left the beach, a woman approached me speaking only Spanish. I understood her perfectly, but I let her know that I don’t know anything about parking in Miami.

Next, we took advantage of our hotel’s rooftop pool with drinks served poolside. Our stay at the Catalina was much cheaper in the off season. We took advantage of free happy hour at the hotel bars too.

That night we went to an authentic Cuban restaurant and I was able to get my rice and beans and fried plantanos  fix. Plus, we made sure to indulge in flavored mojitos, which is my favorite drink.


We walked around South Beach at night. Palm trees wrapped in lights lined the trees. My friend and I happened upon La Espanola way, a small strip of Spanish themed restaurants and bars. It really did feel like a slice of Spain with most of the seating outside. I used my Spanish again to see the drink menu. After that, I couldn’t hide my gringa much longer with an order of giant margaritas that every tourist seems to get.

The next day we took our second day trip to the Bimini, Bahamas. After we returned, we spent another night wandering the warm Miami streets. The following day would be our last in Miami. We spent our time wisely going to one of the most interesting art museums I have set foot in.

The World Erotic Art Museum of Miami was filled with, you guessed it, erotic art. Each room of the museum had a theme. There was art that came from all different parts of the world from many different eras, including some Picasso illustrations.

Overall, Miami has a more international city feel. There were many points where it felt like I wasn’t in the US anymore. I’m glad I went to Florida this January to escape the cold. Plus, our plane tickets and hotel price was a steal due to it being the off season for travel.


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