Don’t tell me it will be OK

Don’t tell me that Trump can’t really do anything once he becomes president. Don’t tell me not to worry for my rights and the rights of others.

There is now a republican majority in both the Senate and House. It is a slight majority in the Senate, but still a majority. There will be no gridlock to stop bills being passed that will result in the nation regressing on human rights. The president elects Supreme Court justices, and there will be possibly four chairs open during this term. That means that the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade has increased. Even during the debate, Trump said he would elect pro-life judges. Supreme Court justices are approved by congress and that would be easy to do with a republican majority. If most republicans agree with what Trump proposes, changes Trump wants to make to this country will be entirely possible.

There is an argument floating around that Trump does not actually believe in the racist, sexist, Islamophobic things he has said in the past. People are saying that maybe he wanted to appeal directly to the white, rural, uneducated white male. He was making promises he couldn’t keep in order to reach the presidency. That may be true. But his supporters sure do believe in his rhetoric of blaming anyone but white, cis, straight males for the state of our country. This has been going on for a while, but people now have the President of the United States backing their rhetoric and discrimination.

What’s scarier is that these people have always been here. They are our neighbors. Now that they found a racist, sexist, ableist, Islamophobic mouthpiece in Trump (and the country gave him the most powerful leadership position), they are coming out of the dark. The microaggressions that we used to excuse on their age or lack of education have turned into full blown violence against anyone who isn’t like them.

Even if we have to only deal directly with Trump for four years, people in this country face fear. Women are getting their hijabs ripped off in the streets. A black woman was threatened with a gun at a gas station by a bunch of white men calling her the n word. Little Hispanic boys are being told they will be deported by classmates. The KKK is celebrating on highways in North Carolina. Boys in a York, PA high school are openly grabbing girls bodies and saying they have the right to sexually assault women now. Asian people are being called Japs. Gay people recieved a note on their car saying they are going to hell. People are spray painting swastikas on public buildings. The hate that Trump encouraged with his words and his campaign caused his supporters to think this is OK. He may not have directly told them to do this but he set an example that you can get away with being a horrible human being.

Older people telling me that it will be OK. You will only be dealing with the consequences for a little bit longer. I will directly be feeling the effects of an economic downfall for the rest of my life. Minimum wage hasn’t been adjusted for the cost of living in years. I will have no tax-funded welfare programs to fall back on. I’m just starting my life out in an economic environment that it took me six months to find a job and I already have accumulated interest on my student loan debt. It will only get worse.

The planet is also at risk because of this decision. Trump has long been a climate change denier. He said it is a conspiracy fabricated by China. Environmental action needs to take place now or else it’s effects will be irreversible. If the rest of the world sees that influential US is not taking any actions to halt climate change, why would they take action?

The US is a superpower in world politics. America has a history of intervening in countries. Putin is absolutely delighted that Trump is the US’ next president. Mexico has said time and again that they are not paying for a wall. He has angered Iran and China. ISIS is overjoyed that he will be the president. This is no longer a joke. Our national security is at risk and our allies have the potential to abandon us. Who would blame them?

Across the nation, people are taking to the streets in major cities to protest Trump. Some people may argue that this is the wrong thing to do. If the protests don’t remain peaceful, and property is damaged, you better believe you will see people up in arms about it. Property does not mean more than human life. And human life is not property.

My fears are valid. But we will not be quiet. We will not back down. We will make our voices heard and protect the rights of others. Nov. 6, 2018 is when mid-term elections will be held. 435 seats in the House of Representatives (all of them) will be contested. 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. It is time to take back congress and our nation.


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