Issues that come up when learning a second language

  • You are back with your native language speakers and you answer them in a different language 
  • You eavesdrop because people assume you don’t speak their language and you really want to butt in their conversation but it would be rude
  • When you try out the foreign language but someone answers you back in English 
  • When someone assumes you are a native speaker and you are so thrown off that you need to ask them to repeat themselves and they just give up on you
  • Translating your jokes into a different language is typically a failure
  • Knowing the basics of a few languages, but you are in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and a local tries to speak with you so you offer up all the languages you know with no luck
  • Each person knows the basics of each other’s languages so you have to use both vocabularies, words to describe the word you want to use, and hand motions
  • Realizing that no one speaks the language as formally as you learn it in your foreign language class
  • Mispronouncing a word so badly that it comes out as a curse 
  • Attempting to flirt in a different language 
  • How your drunk foreign language skills may be superior or inferior than your sober skills
  • How your voice changes in pitch when you start to speak in a different language 
  • When someone brings you on to translate but they are mistaken and you don’t speak that language 
  • When your skills excel in one category (reading, writing, talking, listening) but are mediocre in another 
  • When friends ask you to say something in this language and you literally translate “something” and they don’t think you are so cool anymore 
  • Dreaming in a different language 
  • How idioms are impossible to translate into a different language 
  • Learning another dialect is like learning another language
  • False cognates 
  • Learning multiple foreign languages and getting confused by the vocabulary overlaps 

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