Going on a ghost tour of Gettysburg

Gettysburg is a town in Pennsylvania known for its historical role in The Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg yielded the largest number of casualties during the Civil War. It is no wonder that the battlegrounds and the town itself is said to be haunted with the spirits of those lost during the war.

Ghost tours run on a regular schedule in the month of October due to Halloween. Some ghost tours include hayrides or tour guides dressed in traditional outfits from that era.

Our tour was one prearranged by the university. We arrived on a yellow school bus and were given some time to visit the shops housed in old houses. Once it was pitch black out, we gathered for our ghost tour.


 First, we were taken to a place where plants were growing in a gutter. They believed that where the plants were all pushed down is the place the ghost haunted. Not sure if I bought into that.



This hotel we were taken to had reports of paranormal activity that freaked out guests. My eyes played tricks on me as I looked into the windows. The way the furniture was positioned made it seem like figures were staring out the windows.


Across the street was the battlefield and the cemetery. Our tour didn’t include an investigation of that part of Gettysburg.


 Our tour ended near this historical building. I may not have seen any ghosts but my camera did pick up a lot orbs. Dust and the lack of lighting could have accounted for that. Overall, it was a fun experience for the Halloween season.


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