The cat walk: strays I have seen during my travels

I am a self-proclaimed cat lady. Although I do not own any cats, I have grown up with them. It delighted me that quite a few of the countries I visited were filled with cats. Unfortunately, a lot of them were strays. Fortunately, they were well-fed and friendly due to tourist interactions. Here are photos of my favorite cat encounters.

Granada, Spain

Granada, where it all started. The left picture was snapped in the Albaicin one day. I screamed “EL GATO” trying out my language skills. The right photo was taken by a friend. I attracted a stray cat because I fed him chicken. It was our goodbye dinner and some people were annoyed that I did this. I thought it was funny.

Fes, Morocco

Strays could be found everywhere in Morocco. Our tour group visited a tile factory in Morocco where I saw these cats curled up in a dry fountain, trying to escape the heat. The mother and kitten pictured in the top right were found in tannery. The small kitten in the bottom right was lying on a step in the medina.

The Sahara Desert, Morocco

That’s right, cats are even wandering around the Sahara.

Marrakech, Morocco

While visiting the Bahia Palace, cats were napping in the garden’s shade.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a stray cat haven. The first picture is that of a somewhat famous cat. This majestic creature calls the Hagia Sofia his home. The cross-eyed cat has had some press, especially when Obama petted the cat while visiting Istanbul a few years ago. As you can see, a lot of the stray cats are well fed and enjoy shade around the city.

Sirince, Turkey

The restaurant our group ate at for lunch was filled with kittens. Our tour guide is pictured petting a particularly friendly one.

Canakkale, Turkey

The seaside town of Canakkale is the stomping ground for many kittens. Maybe they go fishing, or maybe they get their fish from the scraps they find at restaurants.

Selçuk, Turkey


Ayvalık, Turkey

The beautiful town of Ayvalık is only made more charming because of the cats roaming the streets.


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