Making Turkish cheese rolls

Turkish cheese rolls, otherwise known as Turkish cigars or Sigara Bouregi, is my favorite Turkish dish. Lately, I have been craving this delicious food. I found a recipe online so I decided to make it with the leftover mint I had.

The first cheese rolls I tried with Tzatziki dipping sauce.

These flaky rolls are filled with Turkish cheese closely resembling feta. They are golden brown on the exterior, but inside is filled with warm, spongy cheese.

The inside of the cheese rolls I whipped up.

Turkish cheese rolls made an appearance in my life the first day I was in Istanbul. Seeing something called “cheese rolls” on the menu of the restaurant I was at enthralled the cheese lover in me.

My second day in Istanbul trying all the cheese rolls I could get my hands on.

I found the recipe at:

Although the recipe turned out great, I am thinking about substituting parsley for mint and trying out egg roll papers instead of filo. The filo frustrated me, but it eventually worked out.  Maybe I’ll even try to fry them.



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