Corpus Christi and Féria celebration in Andalucía, Spain

Corpus Christi is a holiday celebrated in Latin countries. The belief that the body and blood of Jesus is in the Eucharist is celebrated. This holiday takes place in May or June depending on the calendar year. In Granada, Spain Corpus Christi is a weeklong celebration is fused with féria.

Though it has religious significance in Spain, Corpus Christi is different than the ceremony performed in Italy. In Spain, the religious aspect of the holiday is downplayed in comparison to Italy. Only select parts of Spain celebrate Corpus Christi, including Andalucía.

Decorations for the holiday hung up above shops on Plaza Mayor, Granada.

As for Granada’s tradition of combining both holidays, it is quite a sight. There is a procession out in the street with strange statue figures. Carocas are caricatures of people that are in the media that year. The streets are carpeted with green.

Along with the procession, the city of Granada provides buses to tents all over the region. These féria tents are filled with food, drink, music, and flamenco dancers in their special féria dresses. Locals also dress up for the occasion. In every storefront, polka dotted féria dresses are being sold.

The streets of Andalucia.

On one of the last days of the festival, Granada citizen’s honor the end of the holiday by going to either the beach or the mountains. Granada is conveniently located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Those who go to the beach the last night are greeted with a relaxed atmosphere where people drink while watching the bonfires on the waterfront. People that choose to celebrate in the mountains are sprayed with fire hoses until the early morning. The fire and water juxtaposition is important to holiday.

Spaniards seeking a more personal, family-oriented celebration may stay home and perform traditions associated with the holiday. People see this week as a time to renew their goals or start anew in their lives. They will write down five hopes and five negative things in their lives and burn them with candles. Families also dress up in their best when they go to holiday mass.


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