Running into Bill Clinton in Lancaster, PA

On a tame Sunday afternoon downtown, my friends and I had an experience we won’t soon forget. We had just finished up eating dinner and I suggested we walk around the city for a little bit. As we were walking on one of the main streets, we noticed a large crowd huddled around a café. My friends and I approached the café and I asked a woman what was going on. She answered “Bill Clinton is inside.” My friend suggested we go in and we somehow snuck past the crowd and entered the café. Sure enough, Bill Clinton was standing in the cafe where I drink chai lattes almost religiously. My friends and I are all fans of his presidency, sans the Monica Lewinsky scandal. A security guard told us that if we sat down at a table, Bill would come around and speak to us. We did so as we watched him being interviewed by local news stations. We couldn’t quite make out what he was saying from the table we were seated at but we were sure that he was promoting Hillary on the campaign trail three days before the Pennsylvania primaries.

My friends and I with Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy of Nikki.

I would have never imagined that a former president would stop by a café in Lancaster, Pa. My friends and I waited in anticipation, constantly pinching ourselves. We tried to come up with witty things to say to him when he dropped by our table. Soon President Bill Clinton was greeting us and we were at a loss for words. I did manage to say “thank you for coming to Lancaster” while I shook his hand. My friend asked for a picture and he gladly obliged. I stood next to him as he wrapped his arms around us and I was feigning confidence pretty well. We thanked him for the picture and he thanked us for coming out. When he moved onto the next table, we tried to gather our marbles. Then we were interviewed by a television station after Bill’s security guards ushered him out of the café. My friends and I thanked the heavens for being in the right place at the right time because we were the last group that the security guards let into the café before it became too crowded. When we set out to catch up over dinner that night, we never imagined that we would be meeting a former president of the United States!

Bill Clinton in the flesh.

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