The Magic Gardens, Boathouse Row and other Philadelphian Treasures

Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania is not only filled with historical charm, it showcases many unique sites.

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market has developed from a farmer’s market where you can find fruit and flowers to a hub full of restaurants and shops. Those walking in with an appetite are sure to come out satisfied. Delis, cheesesteak places, Amish style cooking, Indian food, Chinese food, vegan options, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies can be found at the Reading Terminal Market. The Famous 4th Street Cookie Co. will not disappoint with gooey, warm and fresh cookies.

Reading Terminal Market.

Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell

While in the city of brotherly love, you may want to check out the historical places of one of the US’ oldest cities. Between 5th and 6th Street lies a patch of greenery and Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell.

Being a tourist with ripped shoes in front of the Liberty Bell.

The National Constitution Center is a museum dedicated to displaying the rights given to US citizens through the constitution. Tickets for adults are $14.50. Children, students, and seniors receive a discount. Independence Hall is where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and also discussed the US Constitution. Admission is free. The Liberty Bell, once used in Independence Hall, is being held in building nearby. No tickets are needed.

Independence Hall.

City Hall

City Hall houses the government of Philadelphia. A statue of William Penn, the man that Pennsylvania was named after, sits atop the building. It was the tallest building Philadelphia until developers built skyscrapers in 1987. An urban legend explains that because Penn was no longer looking over the city, it has been in decline. You can enter certain parts of City Hall to see exhibits on display. Tourists can also go to the observation deck and up the bell tower.

City Hall on a hot summer’s day.

Magic Gardens

This large art display was created by Isaiah Zagar. It includes both indoor and outdoor mosaics spanning several levels using atypical supplies such as broken bottles, bicycle parts, and wine glasses. There are also sculptures from a different artist on display. Admission is $10 for adults and there are discounted prices for children and students.

Magic Gardens.

The Gayborhood

The Gayborhood in Philadelphia is filled with LGBTQIA+ friendly stores and restaurants. LGBTQIA+ literature can be found at Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room. It is the oldest gay bookstore in the US. The street signs throughout the Gayborhood include a rainbow. Certain streets even have a rainbow crosswalk.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary is the ominous castle-like prison in Philadelphia. Although no longer in use, its design was seen as revolutionary. Its plan to rehabilitate prisoners and use their labor was a new idea in the 1800’s. Al Capone, the famous gangster, was held here. His cell was still on display. You can compare it’s opulence to the other cells. Every day they have tours and admission is $14 for adults. Children and students receive discounts. Ghost tours are done in the month of October. Special events are held at Eastern State Penitentiary leading up to Halloween.

Eastern State Penitentiary.
Al Capone’s cell.


Philadelphia’s Chinatown is alike many other Chinatowns in the US. Here you can find stores selling Chinese, Japanese, and Korean imports. You’ll be sure to find great restaurants that satisfy your hunger for Chinese influenced food.

Chinatown in Philly.

Boathouse Row

Boathouse Row is based on the side of the Schuylkill River. These 15 boathouses are owned by rowing and social clubs. It is a beautiful addition to Philadelphia.

Scenic Boathouse Row.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is known for the pivotal scene in the movie “Rocky” where the protagonist can be seen training by running up the stairs to this museum. Guests line up to take a picture in front of the Rocky statue. Inside are exhibits you couldn’t possibly witness in a day. Admission for adults is $20. Children and students are able to get discounts.

The Philadelphia Art Museum.

Philadelphia Zoo

Forty-two acres of land are contained within the Philadelphia Zoo. Watch as monkeys crawl in the tubes above you or see the giraffes from below. Visitors can even ride up in a tethered hot air balloon and view the city from above. Adult admission is $23 and children are $19. Visitors also have to pay for parking.

A polar bear at the Philadelphia Zoo.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Gardens, Boathouse Row and other Philadelphian Treasures

  1. I’ll actually be heading to Philadelphia this weekend for the first time — thank you for the post and beautiful photos…I know where in the city I’ll be hitting up now 🙂


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