Edgewater, New Jersey and the Japanese Mitsuwa Marketplace

Edgewater, New Jersey stays true to its namesake. The city borders the Hudson River and views of New York City can be seen from many lookout points. Mitsuwa Marketplace is a Japanese food lover’s paradise. From the market place, patrons can see the New York City skyline. The marketplace contains many Japanese restaurants. The other half of the building is a grocery store specializing in Japanese imports.

A view of Manhattan.

For lunch, we indulged in shrimp, fried seaweed, rice, fish, and miso soup. The second dish we shared was salt ramen with pork. Both tasted amazing and fresh. Next, we ate Taiyaki or red bean paste pastry in the shape of a fish. We also consumed its vanilla custard counterpart with a cats face on it. Both were made in front of us.

Fried shrimp with fried seaweed on a bed of rice with a soft boiled egg and miso soup.

After lunch and dessert, we crossed over to the store section. I picked up Ramune or marble soda. I tried the lychee flavor because it is one of my favorite fruits. I tried some of my friend’s drink, Pocari Sweat. The drink was sweet flavored water, not sweat. I’m not sure why it was named that. My guess is that someone messed up the translation. The last goodies that I bought at the store were lychee gummies and Japanese hi chews. Both were snacks I was familiar with because my former roommate brought them back from Tokyo. There is also a bakery inside the store, but we were too full from our meals to even attempt to buy Japanese baked goods.

Red bean pastry.

After my friend and I were filled with Japanese yumminess, we walked across the way to the Japanese bookstore. The store was full of anime, manga, and cute stationary. We escaped the air conditioning to get a better view of New York City. My friend and I walked down a path leads you closer to views of downtown Manhattan. Overall, it was a great day trip to an unexpected place.

Lychee flavored marble soda.

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