International Women’s Day playlist

On this day, I’d like to share a playlist composed of female artists killing the game, because after all it is international women’s day. If you don’t like EDM and pop music, maybe you should stray from this post.

  1. I’m in control- Alunageorge

This song will have you dancing and feeling empowered. “I’m in control/ don’t you know I want it all/ put your hands against the wall” aren’t exactly submissive lyrics. Plus Aluna is a confident woman of color that radiates in this video. The song itself reflects the dancehall style that originated in Jamaica and the video takes place in the Dominican Republic.

2. Classic- The Knocks featuring Powers

“Classic” will have you feeling some type of way. The video displays pretty women reacting strangely throughout. These women are not props in the video. I would highly suggest checking out more of Powers solo music.

3. Needed me- Rihanna

Maybe you have been living without wifi in these past months and are not aware of Rihanna’s amazing new album. “Work” is a great jam, but other singles like “Needed me” shouldn’t be overlooked. “Didn’t they tell you that I was savage?/ fuck your white horse and carriage” are just some of the lyrics where Rihanna has flipped the script. She is not playing the damsel in distress and in turn leaves the relationship with all the power, which is a tale that is not often told in songs about relationships.

4. Reflection- MisterWives

So we’ve all been there… involved with a person who is totally wrong for us, but we can’t let go of that passion. This jam will help you get over it, but seeing that this may be a more common problem that many women face. I wish life was just all moments of empowerment and being a badass, but sometimes we are vulnerable. And this song reminds that it’s OK to let your guard down every once in awhile. The chorus is stunning, including lyrics such as “put me on the shelf, discipline myself/to let these sparks die down/ shattering anything that has reflections of youuuuuuuuuu.”

5. Hurt me- Lapsley

Since we are on the subject of vulnerability… here is another song on the subject. She begs the other person to hurt her more than they already did. I’m a girl that likes to fight. Often, when I feel like is something is slipping out of my control, I pick a fight to completely destroy the relationship beyond repair, so I can relate to this song. Listen to this song and celebrate your complexity, because hey women are humans too.

6. Never be like you- Flume featuring Kai

OK, maybe you have already heard this song. It has a personal connection to me. I went on a terrible date the other night and I told the guy that I liked this song. Then he proceeded to play all of Flume’s discography in order to quiz me. And in the moment I just wanted to quote “I’m only human can’t you see…I’ll never be like you.”

7. Don’t be so hard on yourself- Jess Glynne


This song is a good reminder to every person out there- don’t be so hard on yourself. The danceability of this song doesn’t make the message preachy. Please play this loudly in your room when you are having a rough day and remember self love.

8. You (ha ha ha)- Charli XCX

Charli XCX is one of my favorites. You many not have heard this older song from her but please give it a listen. Charli feels like someone shouldn’t be given a second chance because they lied and fucked it up. It’s a lesson of getting over someone that we all need to learn.

9. Get on your knees- Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande

This song blew my mind when it first came out. A female (not the first) is rapping about a guy pleasuring her. This sentiment is prevalent in male rap music, but it’s unheard of for a woman to ask for what she wants in the bedroom. And it comes from the feminist badass Nicki Minaj, which makes it better. (Nicki doesn’t admit to being a feminist, but COME ON).

10. Baby love- Petite Meller

Another danceable, uplifting jam from a female artist.

11. All my friends- Snakeships featuring Tinashe, Chance the Rapper

Here is a song featuring the talented Tinashe crooning about being sick about the bar and club scene. “Do you get lonely/ sure I get lonely sometimes” are standout lyrics. Here is that vulnerability thing I’ve been talking about again. She is able to admit that she is vulnerable and that only makes her stronger.

12. Sweet beginnings- Bebe Rexha

My ears perked up immediately after hearing this song in public. Soon I was on a hunt to find this catchy song. I like to play this song while I’m walking around. It makes my life feel more epic and like anything can happen to me in any given time.

13. The worst- Jhene Aiko

Jhene should be known for so much more than her lyric in “Post to be.” She is a goddess that released a song about a fuck boi in 2013. “He’s no item/ please don’t like him/ he don’t wife them/ he one nights them.” She’s been calling out guys since early on, so props to her.

14. Gold- Marina and the Diamonds

Talk about female empowerment. Marina Diamandis, a self-proclaimed feminist, has been writing about the complexity of love and power from the beginning of her career. This song off her most recent album makes me particularly happy. It paints the picture of a complicated, indecisive girl who doesn’t care about what the rest of the world thinks of her.

15. No strings- Chloe Howl


Listen, sometimes we know what is best but at the same time we are sexual beings. Things happen. This song personifies that and doesn’t apologizing for doing the “wrong thing”.


Arguably the most feminist pop song to make it to the mainstream in modern times… *drumroll*

From the QUEEN herself Flawless- Beyonce featuring  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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