Flirting in Spanish

Language acquisition can be scary, tough, and frustrating at times. But let’s not forget how rewarding it can be learning a second language. Once you are more familiar with a language, you can do this amazing thing and connect with people you would not otherwise speak to. Sometimes, connections lead to romance.

After 7 years of studying Spanish, I was still shaky and nervous about speaking. Once I studied in Spain for a month, I was petrified to speak in front of any native speaker. I was so vulnerable but the small language victories built me up.

Some of those small victories were learning how to flirt in Spanish. This is a task that I can barely do in my native language. But much like flirting in English, flirting in Spanish is not about the words- it’s about how you say it.

Spanish is a language I like to think of as naturally sexy. French may be the language of love, but Spanish is the language of lust. In Spanish, you can sound like you are the queen of effortless, sassy flirting. You know, giving a guy a hard time but always ending any insult with a sly smirk. Spanish is full of phrases that are passionate and fiery.

Any foreign language is particularly engaging. When I hear a different language spoken around me, my ears perk up in response to the beauty. With the tongue rolls and sounds that can’t be found in English, Spanish makes me just feel sexier when speaking it.

When I feel suddenly sexy after saying something like “pass the pencil” in Spanish, the world is my oyster. I flirted my way to free brownies at a pizza shop and coffee on separate occasions. Although free food is a nicety, it was more than that. I liked knowing that my communication skills could reach across language barriers.

A large part of the human experience is trying to get our message across. When that message reaches someone and they comprehend it, we feel satisfaction. When the person reciprocates, the satisfaction grows. I can now do this in two languages and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.


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